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The Nature Route

An all natural one stop solution for all your skin care and hair care needs.


The Nature Route was started with a vision to revive the forgotten traditional skincare and hair care formulations. We bring well curated, pure, potent and proven natural formulations to our customers.  
We truly believe that the therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients can do wonders to your skin and hair.
Our products are natural, raw, handmade and majority of the ingredients are locally grown in our farms.
We care for your skin! Our creations are made with an intention to instill trust in natural skincare and traditional formulations.
Our simple formulas do everything to make your skin and hair get all support to repair and heal.  

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Invest in your skin, its going to represent you for a very long time  

Our tried and tested formulations and quality first approach is what separates us from the rest. The nutrient rich natural ingredients will make your skin glow with joy and that's how skincare is supposed to be.

We use Natural Raw butters, home grown herbs, cold pressed oils and inhouse infusions.

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Love is in the hair

When it comes to Hair care, we stick to the basics. We work with ingredients that are absolute best for your scalp and hair-It not only solves the root cause of your hair problem but also provides the much needed nutrition for the overall well being of the hair.

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